Monthly Industry Meetup

Monthly Industry Meetup with Carrs Tool Steels, Transicon and Schneider Electric

Monthly Industry Meetup with Carrs Tool Steels, Transicon and Schneider Electric

Wednesday, 14 June at 09:00am


39 minutes


Monthly Industry Meetup

Join our Monthly Industry Meetup!

Join us for a captivating virtual event where industry experts, thought leaders, and professionals gather to share knowledge, insights, and best practices. Our mission is to foster collaboration, inspire innovation, and drive growth within the manufacturing community.

Each month, we feature engaging talks from renowned speakers, focusing on key themes that shape the future of manufacturing. Our Meetup series covers a wide range of headline topics, including:  Future Factories, Sustainable Manufacturing, Global Britain, and People & Skills.

Our virtual events attract a diverse audience of Made Members, including esteemed senior manufacturing leaders, executives, and professionals. We believe in the power of shared experiences and strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone can contribute, learn, and connect.

In addition to the thought-provoking talks, our Meetup series offers interactive virtual roundtable sessions. Engage in lively discussions, exchange ideas, and gain further insights on the chosen subtheme. Collaborate with peers who share a passion for shaping the future of manufacturing.

June's lineup of speakers and Roundtable Session subtopics includes:

  • Andrew Eastwood, Managing Director at Carrs Tool Steels: Join us as Andrew shares the success story of Carrs Tool Steels' investment in solar energy. Discover the benefits and outcomes they have experienced and gain practical insights on implementing renewable energy initiatives in a manufacturing setting. Sustainable Manufacturing: Renewable Energy Roundtable Session


  • Jennifer Hughes, Finance Director at Transicon Limited: Be inspired by Jennifer's talk on effective recruitment strategies to attract a wider demographic and promote diversity and inclusion in the manufacturing industry. Learn how to empower women and create rewarding career opportunities in manufacturing. People & Skills : Women in Manufacturing and Engineering Roundtable Session


  • Guillaume Lafforgue, Digital Transformation Manager at Schneider Electric UK.  Guillaume's talk at the Monthly Industry Meetup Event will focus on helping members optimize their production processes in high mix, low volume environments. He will provide valuable insights on identifying efficient ways to adapt to frequent changes and shorter production runs. By leveraging digital technologies, Guillaume will explore strategies to improve operational efficiency and enhance productivity in this context. Future Factories : Digital Technologies Routable Session 


  • For Global Britain Virtual Routable session , our proposed sub theme is Barriers to Trade


Join us for this powerful and inspiring 75-minute event that will ignite your passion and creativity!

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