Made Masterclass

Made Masterclass 8 days of a cyber-attack (a true story!)

Made Masterclass 8 days of a cyber-attack (a true story!)

Tuesday, 8 February at 11:15am


Made Masterclass

Combining learning networking in a 45-minute online session every month, join the Made in Group team and key figures within the Made in Group community to learn about contemporary industry challenges and discuss solutions with fellow members.

Usually hosted by our patrons, these events give you the opportunity to learn from an array of experts from Accountancy and Law firms, to R&D specialists and more - made specifically for manufacturers.

In 2020 CyberGuard Technologies were contacted to tackle a very significant, real-life cyber-attack for a company with no cyber security in place. It was a rollercoaster of an incident response effort to limit the damage and gain the decryption keys for them. Hear first-hand from Sean Tickle – our head of CyberGuard – how the 8 days following the attack panned out for the victim. Including the reality of being a business-owner faced with a bitcoin ransom, an insurance company declaring the policy doesn’t cover ransom payments and no pre-existing cyber security contract in place…

Having joined CyberGuard in early 2020, Sean is pivotal to CyberGuard’s mission to become the leading end-to-end cyber security provider in the Midlands. As the business continues to expand into new markets and introduce new solutions to evolving threats, Sean is focused on developing specialist teams tackling specific roles such as malware reversal analysis, as well as delivering bespoke threat intelligence to share with the wider community as we battle against the growing threat from cyber criminals.

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