Made Masterclass Cyber Security for manufacturers with OGL

Made Masterclass Cyber Security for manufacturers with OGL

Combining learning networking in a 45-minute online session every month, join the Made in Group team and key figures within the Made in Group community to learn about contemporary industry challenges and discuss solutions with fellow members.

Paul from OGL has over 10 years’ experience in exploiting technology to deliver benefits for business. In recent years, working closely with leading names including HP, Microsoft, WatchGuard, AlienVault, Carbon Black and VMware, he has focused on driving the implementation of cutting-edge cyber security solutions to tackle the growing issue of cyber-crime amongst UK SMBs.

These events will also be used as your chance to learn about how you can fully utilize your Made membership.

This will entail a 15-minute presentation followed by 30 minutes of breakout discussions.

Date and Time

Tuesday, 14 December at 11:15am


45 minutes

Event Type

Made Masterclass


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