Made Masterclass

Saving on Energy & Funding Growth with Control Energy Costs and Catax

Saving on Energy & Funding Growth with Control Energy Costs and Catax

Tuesday, 12 October at 11:15am


32 minutes


Made Masterclass

Combining learning networking in a 45-minute online session every month, join the Made in Group team and key figures within the Made in Group community to learn about contemporary industry challenges and discuss solutions with fellow members.

Join the Made in Group and Patrons - Control Energy Costs (CEC) and Catax as we explore saving energy in business, mitigating price rises and funding growth through R&D tax relief and grants.

CEC’s Liam Conway, Head of Business Development, and Catax’s Kully Nijjar, Associate Director, will be giving Made members exclusive insight into how you can save money and fund your next innovation project. In two 10 minute presentations, followed by Q&As and networking, they will explore:

  • What’s going on in the energy market? How bad are the price rises?
  • What can you do to mitigate the price rises?
  • Made In Energy Club – How does it work? What’s the benefit?
  • Tax relief for manufacturers – How to establish if you qualify and get the appropriate relief.
  • Qualification for Research and Development tax relief
  • Maximising your claim
  • Reduce your chance of HMRC enquiries
  • Assessment of the best grant funding for you
  • Accurate bid writing and project managing your application

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