Made Masterclass with Gallagher

Made Masterclass with Gallagher

Made in Group patrons are appointed organisations that share expert best practice  information with manufacturing businesses. We have numerous patrons, from Lawyers and Accountants to R&D Specialists and PR professionals. 

Made Masterclasses are 15 minute video tutorials on various topics to help manufacturing businesses in specialised areas. These extremely helpful and easily digestible videos can be found on our Youtube channel and Made Talks after the recording takes place. 

ASK THE EXPERTS LIVE: Here you can see when the masterclasses are being filmed, which you are welcome to join and ask the experts questions face to face. 

Made Masterclasses are usually hosted by patrons, however can also be held by Made Gold members too.

Date and Time

Tuesday, 10 January at 11:15am


45 minutes

Event Type

Made Masterclass


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