Backing Britain Virtual Breakfast Morning with Unison, SGS and MTC

Backing Britain Virtual Breakfast Morning with Unison, SGS and MTC

Are you ready to network with more relevant, like-minded business leaders within the Midlands and Yorkshire manufacturing community? 

Backing Britain Virtual Breakfast Mornings gives members the chance to connect with relevant key figures within the industry, through a new ‘member match tool’ that uses artificial intelligence to unify data and segment members by roles. 

With up to 3 hosting speakers taking part in each bi-weekly event, you have the opportunity to hear from a multitude of experienced professionals within UK manufacturing in a 75-minute online event. 

Our speakers:

- Alan Pickering, Managing Director from Unison

- Edward Bradley, Business Manager from SGS

- Neill Smith, Head of Manufacturing Support Services from The Manufacturing Technology Centre 

Backing Britain Virtual events will also include 2 breakout sessions:

Breakout room 1: This will be a regionally based session connecting members by geographical location

Breakout room 2: This session will be themed to allow members to make more meaningful connections based on their interests

Date and Time

Wednesday, 11 August at 09:00am

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