Best Practice Storytelling for Manufacturers

Best Practice Storytelling for Manufacturers

How does your business stack up as an employer of choice among would-be employees?

Yasmin and Joe from Made in Group’s digital team will be joined by PR expert and Director of the Partners Group - Karen Tinkler.

The Partners Group are a PR and marketing communications agency who, in their time as Patrons of Made in Yorkshire, have supported many manufacturers to promote their business to a wider audience.

What’s great about working for your company? And how can you capture this and share it with the people who matter?

These will be some of the questions answered in this Masterclass, including Karen’s expert tips for using PR and digital marketing to tell your story and build your employer brand.

Yasmin and Joe will also be providing practical tips to put Karen’s advice into practice, notably through using the Made in Group platform.

Sign up now for this Made Masterclass, taking place 13th April 2021 11:00-12:00.

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Tuesday, 13 April at 11:00am


60 minutes

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