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ROCOL and Hayley Group Continue in long Established Partnership

ROCOL & Hayley Group

Yorkshire based businesses ROCOL and Hayley Group have been established partners for more than 30 years. High-quality lubricants provider ROCOL plans to continue their partnership with Hayley Group as their premium distribution partners. The firms have also combined their expertise to produce product guides for the industry. 

The two businesses ROCOL and Hayley Group have collaborated on information guides for products such as a Bearing Grease and Chain Lubricant to benefit and expand ROCOL’s customer base. With the products produced by ROCOL, Hayley Group’s collaboration with the firm helps customers realize the benefits of their premium products. Craig Bastable, Marketing Manager at Hayley Group, said:

“We help ROCOL customers understand the benefits of their best in class products. Ultimately, they provide the technology and we distribute it.” 

As the two firms are located close by to each other in Yorkshire, both are proud to keep partnerships in the UK whilst delivering quality. Alan Rankin, UK Sales Director at ROCOL, said:

“ROCOL’s relationship with Hayley Group has gone from strength to strength, it is also continuing to grow as we are expanding our sales team and they are also expanding their staff and facility.

Working with Hayley Group has been a massive contributor towards converting our competitor’s end users to our products. ”

Both of the businesses’ customer bases are similar in comparison, which is the reason why they have collaborated. This goes hand in hand with both of the company’s ethos: providing high-quality products and services. 

The collaboration between the two companies highlights their expertise in both producing and handling lubricants for the industry. ROCOL can provide users with purpose-built storage cabinets and units that make selection easier and safer for users, and also asset management easier for those in charge of stock replenishment. 

Hayley Group also has plenty of experience in implementing lubricant dispensing and handling solutions for customers up and down the country. In one example, Hayley Group implemented a custom, fully-signed decanting station which has helped the client to prevent contamination and run a lubrication program that is easier, safer, and faster than ever before.

As both companies are part of the Made in Yorkshire membership - challenging the erosion of the British industry, they believe being part of the group hugely benefits them in terms of establishing business relationships and learning new best practices. 

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