Tier one supplier and  Made in Yorkshire member Cirteq held a Best Practice event on 3rd October to show Made in members around the company's facilities and share successes. 

Independent company based in Yorkshire, Cirteq is a leading manufacturer of Fasteners and Retaining Rings. They have been a market leader since 1939 supplying high-quality products for different industrial sectors. Cirteq provides to the global automotive industry from OEMs to Tier 1 and 2, their products are found in almost every car brand worldwide supplying beveled rings to special materials and finishes. 

The best practice event began in the company reception, where guests began arriving at 8 am. Greeted with refreshments and pastries, Made in Yorkshire members began to network with each other. 

After morning refreshments and general networking, guests were then invited into the company training where Global Business Development Manager Alex Firnigl held a presentation. Alex spoke about the background of the business, the company's successes and how they have maintained a leading supplier status since 1939.

Over thirty Made members attended the event to learn more about the company and listen to their best practices. Chris Wray, Managing Director of Actionplas Limited, was an attendee.  Actionplas is one of the largest machinists and suppliers of plastics. Chris said: 

"It was a really interesting event, its the first time I have been at Cirteq.  It was interesting to see how a large organisation go about their business. It's great for the Yorkshire business that such a large organisation is based here".

Made in members and team had the opportunity to look around Cirteqs facilities. This included a guided tour around the company's sophisticated onsite heat treatment facility and to see where art wire drawing, tool design and manufacture, presswork and surface protection is processed. 

Cirteq's Alex Firnigl was very happy with the success of the event and mentioned guests had questions that highlighted their interest in Cirteq's Best Practice, he said: 

"It was very good and we had lots of attendees. The questions I got at the end of the presentation showed that people are very interested in what Cirteq is doing and how we have grown. As well as what we do to improve our processes and capabilities and hence grow the benefits.  It's great to attend other Best Practice events as well around the region, not to see how others manufacture, but to pick up new ideas and to see what they do differently." 

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